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How to measure

soco March 2, 2023
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  1. Open your Power IPhone
  2. Open the RENPHO app, go to Device, and press Tape measure
  3. You’re now all set to start measuring your progress!
  1. Start by selecting the neck on your phone. Once the “neck” button is selected, you can stretch out the measurement tape, and put it around your neck, using the button on the measurement device to adjust the tape around the selected body part. Once the tape firmly hugs the selected body part, press the button on the measuring device, which will automatically transfer the measurement to the app
  1. Press on the next body part that you would like to measure
  1. Repeat the procedure with the shoulders
  1. Biceps
  1. Chest
  1. Waist
  1. Abdomen               
  1. Hip
  1. Thighs
  1. Calves

Dont retract all the way in to easily pull it out next time