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Intro to Metabolic Health

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  1. MH: Why are you doing it ?
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  2. MH: How does it work?
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  3. MH: Schedule course
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  4. MH: Get to know who will be working with you
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  5. MH: Get to know the community
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  6. MH: Class meetings - google meet
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  7. MH: Rules
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  8. MH: Everyone have to enter the food dietary
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  9. MH: Apple fitness
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  10. MH: Fitnessplus
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  11. MH: Fitness pall
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  12. MH: Sensor Libre
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  13. MH: How does our book system works
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  14. MH : Meetings 1:1 with staff
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  15. MH: Extra time - Classes with staff
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  16. MH: Help support to the client (contacts)
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  17. Program content
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Extra info-My Fitness Pall

soco January 17, 2023
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Exploring MyFitnessPal app

1 dashboard, her you can find your goal and keep up your records from previous days . 


You can also scroll down and see or register your weight and steps form each day . 


You can also see in detail your progress in graphic by clicking in the box.



Here you can see what is missing to achieve and your daily meals.


You can always add what you eat in every meal just click on the add food in each meal.


You can search the food you just ate and recreate your meal in calories:


In case you want to see more info on the food just click on the product , and will give you all the info.


You can also search and add recipes , meals or have favorites foods just slide to the right in the top .


For a more detailed day keep up progress you can click on the calories missing on the top and see you overall calories from the day . In this way you can have acess to the calories , nutrients and macro records.


To finalize you can also find tips and suggestions to get to your goals on newsfeed 


You can also have acess to diferents  plans and find the best plan for you.