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MHMF: 4/4

soco February 1, 2023

This test consists in 3 phases:

  1. Getting ready;

2. After the sample collection;

3. Reading the results.

Phase 1 : Getting ready


It has been 3-5 days since the last ejaculation

Do not use a condom to collect the sample.

Do not use any lubricants or lotions.

-Before sample collection

1.Hands and genitals are washed with soap

2.Collect your semen sample by manual stimulation (masturbation) in the collection cup

3.Ejaculate directly into the sample cup without losing any portion of the sample.

-Collect the sample and come back when you’re done

Phase 2 : After the sample collection

After you’ve collected the sample

1.Make sure you have collected the entire sample

2.Put the lid on the cup

3.Mix the sample by swirling the semen-filled cup

4.Set the alarm for 60 minutes and than come back to ‘Reading the results’

5. You’ve waited 60 minutes and the sample has liquefied

6.No clogging with solid or stringy material

7.Stir the sample 10 times in the collection cup using the syringe.

8.Take the tube containing developer solution

9.Unscrew the bigger cap on the tube.

10.Using semen transfer device drawn in 0.1 ml of the sample.(or until the mark)

11.Transfer sample into the tube with developer solution.

12.Avoid drawing in air bubbles.

13.Screw the cap of the tube tightly.

14.Mix the sample gently and thoroughly. You can turn the tube upside down for 5-10 times.

15.Let the tube stand for 2 minutes.

15.Remove the test cassette from the sealed foil pouch.

16.Place the cassette on a flat surface.

17.Do not touch the result area

18.Unscrew the smaller cap of the tube.

19.Holding the tube vertically, let 2 full drops of the semen-developer solution mixture fall into the sample well (S) of the test cassette.

20.Set the alarm for 5 minutes.

Phase 3: Reading results


shows that the sperm concentration in the specimen corresponds to or is above the lower detection limit of the test. It indicates that your sperm concentration is within the WHO reference values and that there are no morphological or genetic defects in the sperm.


shows that the sperm concentration in the specimen is lower than the lower detection limit of the test. It may indicate oligozoospermia and male factor infertility.


You should repeat the test in 48-72 hours, using a new test kit.
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