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Log your food in myfitnesspal

soco January 23, 2023
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Add “power_bank” as friends. 


Access “Myfitnesspal” website and enter your data

If you do not have any specific weight goals for now, select “maintain weight”

If you are unsure about your weight goals, select “maintain weight” and our nutritionist will review your preferable goal

Select the options that relate the most to your current lifestyle

Next, add in the email address we have sent you and the matching password in order to create your profile. 

log in

The first week of logging in your food diary will allow us to see your unbiased habits, and get a closer look at your regular way of eating. 

The calorie goal is not relevant for this first week, so do not pay attention to it. It will be changed to the standard target for your specific gender/age/weight.

When you first sign in, the app will run you through the basics of how to upload a food. Hit the plus sign, select the meal, add a food and hit search. You’ll then be served up a lot of different options. If it’s something generic, like a raw fruit of vegetable, you can choose any of the options.  

add meals and food

If it’s branded, like cereal, it is preferable to spend some time scrolling through to find the right brand as there can be significant differences between cornflakes, for example,  from one brand and another. 

Once you’ve found the food, enter in the right quantity. Maybe invest in a kitchen scale to always get weights spot on. Once you’re done, hit the little tick in the top right and the food will be added to your daily calorie intake, which you can monitor from the main screen.

To make the process of tracking your food easier, there are a few things that you can do:

You can set yourself reminders that arrive as push notifications on your phone to remind you to log meals. Just head to the three little dots in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and hit More. Then go to Reminders.


Tap the plus sign in the top right and then define a reminder, which can be a weigh-in, at particular times of the day (at breakfast or lunch, say) or simply a daily reminder to update your entries. 

dashboard and plans and meals