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Health Test HT12: 4/4

soco January 28, 2023

Step by step:


Dip the test in the urine.

Remove the strip from the unopened package and use it as soon as possible. Immediately close the container tightly after taking the number of strips you need, Completely immerse the reactive areas of the strip in the fresh, well-mixed urine and immediately remove the strip to avoid dissolution of the reagents.


Wait 40 seconds.
While removing the strip from the urine, rub the edges of the strip and the container to remove any excess urine. Keep the strip in a horizontal position and put the edge of the strip in contact with an absorbent material, for example a napkin.


Interpret the results.
Compare the reagent areas with the corresponding color blocks on the bottle label at the specified times. Hold the strip close to the color blocks and compare them carefully.